Four guaranteed days to get her more

Oct 16, 2016

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Date Night card with bokeh backgroundIt might surprise you to know that some women find it difficult to be ready for sex at a moment’s notice.

We’re not saying that all women are like that, but there many who need more stimulation in the ways of tenderness and acts of kindness.  This makes for excellent foreplay.

There are some who feel the effects of their monthly cycle deeply.  If this is your partner, these four tips may help get her more in mind, body and soul and help stimulate your romance and sex life.

A woman’s fertility cycle can be summed up in seasons. The first week is normally a time of recovery from her period, the second is about getting ready for fertilisation, during the third week she’ll be in a protective mode (for her and maybe baby) and the fourth week (if she has not fallen pregnant) her body will focus on the job of about releasing the uterine lining before the cycle starts all over again.

During each of these weekly transitions it might be difficult for you to understand exactly when is a good time to approach your partner for sex. It’s not like the movies – we wish.

Generally, your partner’s cycle will go from 1-28 days however, some female cycles are shorter or longer. Day 1 is regarded as the official start with Day 28 the last day (just before her period starts again).

Here are our top four days guaranteed to ‘get her more’ not just on a physical connection, but on a spiritual and emotional level as well.

DAY 7.  An additional hormone, testosterone makes your partner more adventurous! Yes, women do get small amounts of testosterone and it will amp up her sex drive, impulsive behaviour and excitability. Actually, over the next seven days she’ll be brave to explore new activities, new foods and new topics of conversation.  This week is a great week to do something adventurous or suggest something that you haven’t done before. With the simultaneous rise of two hormones, oestrogen and testosterone, she’ll be happy and a little bit more approachable (if you know what we mean).

DAY 14.  Listen up! This day of her cycle only comes around once a month, so take extra care with her high energy, great mood, sharpened brain skills and intense passion while it’s here! Why is this day so special? Well a few things are happening for her.  The oestrogen levels are really high and her testosterone level is at its peak.  Together, these two powerful hormones create a sense of wellbeing and adventure.  Due to the increased endorphins being released, thanks to high levels of oestrogens, sex is not as painful this week as it would be on other weeks.

DAY 21. Here’s a tip – it’s not always about the sex! You may need to remind yourself to show more consideration this week as rising progesterone is mellowing your partner and may be making her quiet. Remember, it’s not you (well, most of the time it’s not you). She’ll have less interest in kissing and cuddling and more interest in snuggling up to a plate of hot chips or chocolate cake.  So, make the most of this time and bake something for her! Progesterone is triggering water retention throughout weeks three and four, which can make her feel uncomfortable, heavy and bloated. To the rescue: delicious foods that act as natural mild diuretics, which include asparagus, cucumber, ginger, parsley, watercress and watermelon.  Okay, so what we are really saying is – keep week three as your ‘let me make your dinner’ time as this small act of thoughtfulness will go a long way to helping her during week four.

DAY 26. Anyone for hard sex?  Did you know that around the last four days of a woman’s cycle her uterine lining thickens in preparation to be shed (commonly known as a period)?  Surprisingly, as it thickens the lining presses against her nerve endings near the G Spot which can cause arousal.  So if you have played your cards right during week three, then you might be in for a bit of premenstrual sex.

So there you have it – four days of the month that you can actively get her more … spiritually, physically and mentally.

Women are complex, beautiful beings that have one thing in common – a monthly cycle. If you take the time to study her mood and behaviour, you’ll begin to see familiar patterns emerging. Get to know your partner more by understanding the science behind her monthly cycle.

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