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Nov 28, 2016

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I’ll put my hand up and say it. I was ignorantThe hands of men and women holding hands.

 A couple of months ago before I started using The Male App, I had no idea about my partner’s monthly cycle, and how hormones affected her each and every day. We’ve always been really good communicators, but somehow when it came to this there was a breakdown. I mean, I knew when she had her period, but I never broached the subject, she always did. You know, just to let me know that’s what was going on. Retrospectively I wonder why I didn’t like to talk about it – her period – when it’s completely normal, natural, and plays an important role in her life.

 It’s interesting to think about the way we talk – or don’t talk – about periods in the context of the way we talk about other health and social issues in the 21st century. More and more we are being encouraged to speak out about mental health, undoing generations of stigmatised thinking, and yet we close the lid on ‘secret women’s business‘, just leave it in the sanitary bin.

 What’s amazed me since I started using The Male App, is how each and every day my partner’s fluctuating hormones can affect her behaviour and her mood. For instance, in the second week of her cycle as oestrogen levels begin to rise she can be talkative, clear headed and empowered. Juxtaposed to late in week three when oestrogen is low, but progesterone is high and she is more sensitive to pain and discomfort and susceptible to cravings and snacks.

 This is all science, fact, something we should have been taught in school, or a lesson handed down to us from our parents. We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it. Interestingly, my partner has learnt a lot from The Male App too. It’s not just us blokes that are ignorant about the hormonal roller coaster. She has discovered there’s a reason she feels the way she feels on certain days, and anticipates, as eagerly as I do, the daily notification from The Male App that suggests what might be in store.

 There’s absolutely no denying that the key to a wonderful and successful relationship is good communication. It’s about friendship, kindness and compassion. It’s knowing when she wants to talk, and when she wants to be given some space. The idea that guys don’t understand girls is rubbish, it’s wanting to understand and taking the steps to be better for them that is important. The Male App has given me that knowledge, empowered those conversations, and helps us understand each other better.


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